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Thank you for being a part of our family here at Chicken World. We are in our 5th year of business, and we couldn’t do it without our great customers. Here is some important news for you today.

  1. Don’t forget Sunday’s are Ice Cream Sunday’s. 1 FREE Scoop of Ice Cream with the purchase of every meal.
  2. If you are already a member of our texting club you know about the great deals and offers we have for you during the week. We Also have coupons on our website at
  3. We have over 2100 Text club Members. We have a goal of reaching 3000 by summer’s end. When we reach 3000 members as an award we will have a Huge Party Day and meals for only $3.00  Want to help us reach the goal sooner? If every member gets 3 other cell phones to sign up we will reach this goal very soon. Simply tell your friends to text the word CHICK to 57711. Then reply YES when asked. 
  4. One of our most popular meals is the #8, our Chicken Cheddar Cheese Fries. Soon we are going to open a new menu with Many Different options of this amazing meal.
    Chicken Cheddar Cheese Fries
    Chicken Cheddar Cheese Salad
    Chicken Cheddar Cheese Wrap
    Chicken Cheddar Cheese Bread Bowl
    Chicken Cheddar Cheese Sandwich
    Chicken Cheddar Cheese Onion Rings
    Chicken Cheddar Cheese Baked Potato (AKA the C3PO)
    Chicken Cheddar Cheese Nachos
    Chicken Cheddar Cheese Chips (AKA the C4)
    All of these options are available now at Chicken World. If you see on you would like to try please ask the cashier/manager and we will make it for you today.
    I would have to say for years my favorite has been the fries, but our Crispy Fresh Fried Potato Chips have quickly become my go to meal.

We hope you are having a blessed week, come out and see us today if you are in Hiram. You mean the World to us.
Chicken World Management & Staff

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